New superdelegates will be selected, not elected for the role

Superdelegate reform expected to create new class of delegates | VTDigger

PHILADELPHIA – Delegates to the Democratic National Convention are expected to ratify a proposal Monday for a “unity reform commission” to change the superdelegate process. The resolution, which was passed at Saturday’s Rules Committee meeting, was the result of intense negotiations between backers of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Liora Engel-Smith is reporting from the Temple DNC News Bureau in Philadelphia for VT Digger.

Unity Reform Commission will likely dilute power of superdelegates in next election cycle

Sanders and Clinton backers secure superdelegate reform | VTDigger

PHILADELPHIA- In a major victory for Sanders backers, Democrats passed a resolution that will likely dilute the power of superdelegates in the next election cycle. It is the most significant revision of the superdelegate system since its inception in 1984. The amendment, called the “Unity Reform Commission,” was introduced Saturday evening in the DNC Rules Committee meeting.

Liora Engel-Smith is reporting from the Temple DNC News Bureauin Philadelphia for