Inside the 2016 DNC as Hillary Clinton accepts Democratic Party’s nomination

For the duration of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, our reporters have been covering the people and activities throughout the convention. From early morning delegate breakfasts at far off hotels, to keynote speakers each night inside the Wells Fargo Center, journalists for the Temple DNC News Bureau captured in words, images and video the people that came to, and for, the convention.

In celebration of this historic convention, we bring you pictures in and around the fourth and final night of the convention. A night where the country saw for the first time ever, one of the two major political parties nominate a woman for president of the United States.

Thank you to all our partners and correspondents.

Photo at top by Harrison Brink. Photos below by Chris Abruzzo, David Boardman, Harrison Brink, Paige Gross, Christina Klos, Hannah McComsey, Aish Menon, Alexa Ross and Brianna Spause.

Democrats from Kansas watch as Clinton accepts party nomination

Kansas Democrats witness Clinton nomination as ‘extraordinary experience’

Kansas Democratic Party Chair Lee Kinch saw history being made eight years ago when Barack Obama became the first African-American nominee for president. He witnessed history again Thursday night when Hillary Clinton walked onstage as the first female nominee of a major party.

Paige Gross is reporting from the Temple DNC News Bureau in Philadelphia for The Wichita Eagle.