Video: Native American and Montana activists gather at Native American Caucus

Dozens gather at DNC in Philadelphia for Native American caucus

Yesterday marked the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. There, many Native American and Montana activists gathered at the Native American caucus, one of the most attended caucuses of the day. The conversation at the caucus was with the Native American Council.

Jeseamy Muentes is reporting from the Temple DNC News Bureau in Philadelphia for KTVQ.

Delegates share expectations for a different DNC in Philadelphia

Forty-eight years ago, Carol Williams witnessed the chaos and carnage of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Her husband Pat Williams was then working to elect Hubert Humphrey as President of the United States.

“It was a convention never to be repeated again, on all levels. It was a disaster,” said Carol Williams.

Since that historic convention, Williams has been to several Democratic National Conventions, alongside her husband. She was a Hillary Clinton delegate in 2008 in Denver, Colorado. Williams and other Montana Clinton supporters knew that it was all but over for the former first lady, but they still took their vote to the convention and were excited to hear Clinton speak. But they knew that they would give their support to Barack Obama.

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