Complaint to be heard at DNC credentials meeting

Two men dropped from Vermont delegation to Democratic National Convention | VTDigger

Two men have been dropped from the Vermont delegation to the Democratic National Convention and one male delegate will challenge a Vermont Democratic Party decision to replace them with female delegates. The complaint will be heard at the Democratic convention’s credentials meeting this Sunday.

Liora Engel-Smith is reporting from the Temple DNC News Bureauin Philadelphia for

Reporting from Philadelphia: Rendell ready for DNC, protests

DNC Host Committee chair and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell discusses preparations and expectations for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week.

Rob DiRienzo is reporting from the Temple DNC News Bureau in Philadelphia for KTVA 11 News.

Below: DiRienzo checked in live with KTVA via the TUTV studios at Temple University. Photographs by Prof. Paul Gluck:



Correspondents will report for 20 US news organizaitons

School of Media and Communication students prepare to report the DNC

It’s the last day of class before Temple DNC News hits the arena floor at the Democratic National Convention. The classroom hushes as Bryan Monroe, School of Media and Communication Verizon chair and professor, walks to the front of the room and asks a question. “What just happened at the RNC?”

Above: We got 27 members of the Temple DNC News Bureau team into an elevator during our first trip to the Wells Fargo Center, but we couldn’t get them all in this picture. Photograph by Jim MacMillan.

Activists say the 2016 Democratic convention will be different

Activists set to monitor Philadelphia police during DNC rallies | VTDigger

PHILADELPHIA – Dozens of activists plan to monitor police activities during Democratic National Convention rallies next week. Recent fatal police shootings of black men in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and St. Paul, Minnesota, and the killings of five police officers at a rally in Dallas and then three officers in Baton Rouge, have added tension to a gathering already marked by conflict.

Liora Engel-Smith is reporting from the Temple DNC News Bureauin Philadelphia for

Hundreds of demonstrators coming to the DNC from Vermont

Vermonters organizing to march at Democratic convention | VTDigger

Bernie Sanders may have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, but some of his followers refuse to back her. They say they will march in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention to promote his progressive platform and protest the party’s superdelegate system. City officials estimate the four-day convention, which starts Monday, will attract 35,000 to 50,000 demonstrators a day.

Liora Engel-Smith is reporting from the Temple DNC News Bureauin Philadelphia for

Top: City Releases FDR Park Layout for DNC / Map

Former Mayor Street visits Temple DNC News

Above: Mayor John Street speaks with Tracy Yatsko of the Temple DNC News Bureau earlier this month. Photograph by Christina Klos for the Temple DNC News Bureau.

Former Philadelphia Mayor John Street met with the staff of the Temple DNC News Bureau last week to discuss the 2016 election cycle, his experience as a public official and his expectations for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. During Street’s first few months as mayor, the 2000 Republican National Convention was held in Philadelphia.

At “these conventions more than any other place you can go — with the possible exception of a state fair — you actually see who this country is, which you don’t see every day,” said Street. “Seeing delegates from Iowa and Florida are so different than what we see everyday here in Philadelphia.”

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Delegates share expectations for a different DNC in Philadelphia

Forty-eight years ago, Carol Williams witnessed the chaos and carnage of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Her husband Pat Williams was then working to elect Hubert Humphrey as President of the United States.

“It was a convention never to be repeated again, on all levels. It was a disaster,” said Carol Williams.

Since that historic convention, Williams has been to several Democratic National Conventions, alongside her husband. She was a Hillary Clinton delegate in 2008 in Denver, Colorado. Williams and other Montana Clinton supporters knew that it was all but over for the former first lady, but they still took their vote to the convention and were excited to hear Clinton speak. But they knew that they would give their support to Barack Obama.

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Democratic delegates outraged over Mississippi minimum wage

As the 2016 Democratic National Convention gets closer, political leaders and delegates from all over the country are talking about the state of minimum wages. However, no state and its democratic leaders are more concerned than those from Mississippi. The Magnolia State is among those with the highest unemployment and lowest minimum wage.

“The economy will go into turmoil if Donald Trump is elected,” said Hattiesburg attorney Michael Adelman, a Bernie Sanders delegate from the 4th Congressional District.

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